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May 2013

Senior Austinites Keep on Keepin’ On

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by Jann Brown

Janet Ragsdale, 88, and her husband, Ken, 95, work out at the gym with their trainer, Rusty Gregory, once a week. It is not easy.

In addition to their advanced age, the Ragsdales have a number of obstacles to overcome as they work toward their goals of mobility and healthy living. Janet is blind in one eye and uses a walker because polio left her with a nonfunctioning left leg 84 years ago. Ken has recovered from prostate cancer and is a diabetic.

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Community Spotlight – A Dentist That Considers the Whole Body

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by Sandra Yeyati

Joan Sefcik, DDS, decided to be a dentist in seventh grade, when a retainer straightened her teeth and she could smile again.

“I always liked to do artistic things and work with my hands, and it seemed like a good profession,” she says. Her dentist, Dr. George Parma, was a family friend. He offered encouragement when she expressed an interest in his profession, inviting her to watch him work with patients.

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