A Shamanic Sound- Journey Healing

By October 2, 2014Local

Patricia White Buffalo will present and share her love of music and shamanism with its power to heal at two Shamanic Sound- Journey events both starting at 7:30 p.m.—on October 20 at the Toltec Center of Creative Intent, Austin, and October 21 at the Houston Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Center, in Cypress.

As a musician playing the Native American drum, rattle and flute, and as a shamanic sound healer, chanting ancient indigenous rhythms, Buffalo creates trance states for healing and awakening. These are interactive events. Come prepared to move, dance and receive.

The music and sounds she creates move through the human energy field with the specific intent to clear stagnant blocked energy and to charge the energy field. She will guide her audiences on a journey to induce a cellular awakening and to activate the dormant strands of participants’ DNA. Also included at the events will be a short lecture on shamanism, grounding, breath exercises and trance dance.

Buffalo will also be offering her unique shamanic training and personal transformational program, Walking the Shaman’s Path, in the fall of 2015, in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Synergia Ranch.

Locations: Oct. 20—2499 South Capital of Texas Hwy.; Oct. 21—12602 Kluge Rd. For more information, email PWB@cruzio.com or visit BeHeavenOnEarth.com.