Austin’s Voice & Exit: A Flourish for All the Senses

By May 15, 2014Local

The Voice & Exit event returns to the Austin Music Hall and Ballet Austin on June 21 after a successful 2013 debut. Billed as a celebration of “human flourishing”, the event includes short talks, interactive breakouts and a festival designed to inspire people about radical innovation and alternative ways of living.

Some have referred to the event as mix of TED, Cirque du Soleil and a sprinkling of Burning Man. “We start with the idea that people want to find well-being, life meaning and personal fulfillment,” says cofounder Max Borders, “Then we move outward from there to community and to the wider world.”

Voice & Exit speakers seek to inspire guests to embark on their own journeys of personal improvement. “Voice & Exit is about opt-out culture,” adds Borders. “If some status quo is not working for you—from nutrition to partisan politics— we suggest looking for new ways, new models.”

Among the speakers, The Paleo Manifesto author John Durant will discuss how the popular diet is not just a fad, but also a fundamental starting point for a more natural way to eat and live; Dave Asprey, “The Bulletproof Executive,” will explore ways he improves health, well-being and cognitive performance through personal experimentation; and Steven Kotler, author of The Rise of Superman, will help audiences explore “flow hacking”: finding optimal professional or athletic performance through positive psychology.

Cofounder Seth Blaustein says, “The pace of innovation is accelerating, and these changes allow people to live happier, more meaningful lives, but it can be hard to keep up with it all. Voice & Exit is an organized effort to explore the best of these ideas and inspire our attendees to get involved, maybe even start something new.”

Voice & Exit 2014 will be broken up into three portions for a full-day experience, called Seeds, Sprouts and Blooms. In the “seeds” portion of the event, speakers take the stage to share the latest in disruptive innovation, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, seasteading, biohacking, startup cities, optimal health, alternative education, futurism, social enterprise and more. During the “sprouts” segment, breakout sessions will help participants turn their inspiration into something more tangible. And for the “blooms” finale, the celebration of human flourishing unfolds as participants socialize in the beer garden, enjoy live musical performances and explore exhibitions at the bazaar—all among acrobatics and theatrical performances. Electronic artist and violinist Govinda will headline.

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