Breathe Easy with Professional Qigong Training

By August 16, 2016Local

Austin residents will have an opportunity to experience the Qi Revolution, a seminar designed to teach the principles of qigong, the ancient Chinese system of exercises and breathing techniques. From August 26 through 28 at the Austin Convention Center, a ttendees will be able to immerse themselves in pure energy through the 9Breath Method, a signature technique that has been taught to over 50,000 people at Qi Revolution workshops around the country. Food healing science will also be taught at the event, along with strength training, hands-on healing, reflexology, tui na massage, five elements and more.

In Western cultures, qigong breathing is becoming recognized to naturally help resolve health issues. During Qi Revolution, the masters will teach oxygen retention and pulsation of breath, and few courses offer this level of comprehensive instruction. Instructors include Jonathan Henderson, a retired firefighter impacted by the 9/11 tragedy and discovered qigong to heal; and Todd Nichols, who has shared qigong and power breathing at veterans’ facilities for the past five years.

Cost: $99; advanced registration required. For more information, call 1-800-298-8970 or visit