Calling All Plant Lovers

By March 17, 2016Local

Students of the green, practitioners of wellness, custodians of earth and all that fall in between can attend the Heart of Texas Herb Symposium, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., April 23. The event will be held at the imaginative EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens, in Wimberley. Keynote speaker Steven Foster, renowned author and plant photographer, will precede 10 of Central Texas’ herbalists and educators who will impart some of their knowledge and language of plant wisdom.

Classes will cover gardening, herbal first aid, women’s herbs and the spiritual aspect of herbalism. This year’s theme, Community, ties in with the belief that as plants work together in harmonious environments lending shade, pooling nutrients and encouraging growth, human efforts can achieve the same results in our communities. The event’s organizers and speakers aim to widen and deepen our own spaces, just as the plants bloom with connectivity, determination and tenacity. This symposium will provide participant mentors, guides for gardeners, local herbal products to purchase and materials to make and take home a treasure.

A renaissance is occurring with the empirical knowledge of plants leading us toward natural medicine and healing at home, and more people are seeking apothecaries and calling for tea when unwell. Whether one needs to hone a green thumb or wants to know more about healing herbs, event organizers welcome participants to grow in Texas’ greater green community with them.

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