Concert Celebrates Indigenous Peoples of Brazil

By April 28, 2016Local

Indigenous Celebration (IC), a Florida-based nonprofit with a mission to help transfer the wisdom between indigenous peoples and the modern world through celebrating culture, while empowering indigenous peoples to thrive as natural guardians of the environment, is excited to continue this celebration with a concert tour, September 30 through October 17. The series of performances will swing through Miami, New York City and Los Angeles and feature eight members of the Yawanawá tribe’s—indigenous people from the remote Amazon forest of Acre, Brazil.

While in the U.S., the Yawanawá will perform ancestral songs, play traditional games and share their rich culture to preserve their spiritual heritage and way of life. IC’s partnership with the Yawanawá tribe has already generated over $17,000 in sales of handmade beaded jewelry by the Women’s Cooperative of the Mutum Village, aiding the restoration of seven villages devastated by a massive flood in 2014.

Beaded jewelry sales also support the Women’s Cooperative store, which provides medical supplies, food supplements and tools, such as machetes and flashlights, to the tribe and financed the continuation of their spiritual festival after the successful restoration of housing structures and the communal kitchen of Mutum.

Funds raised will go toward establishing the Traditional School of Mutum (TSM) for Yawanawá children ages 7 to 14. The TSM will provide food and lodging to approximately 30 children learning their native Yawanawá language, lore and ancestral spiritual practices and sacred plant knowledge from elders.

Through these initiatives, IC hopes to “expand consciousness for environmental healing,” by inspiring each one to remember their collective duty to be guardians of Earth, as the indigenous peoples so humbly exemplify.

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