Journey to Heaven and Back Through Spiritually Transformative Experiences

By March 16, 2017Local

It may be difficult to grasp that we are connected to a lofty, heavenly paradise or a spiritual dimension, but for some that had their reality ripped open through a near-death experience (NDE), they find that a spiritual transformation occurs. Austinites can learn about NDEs, as well as ways to have a spiritually transformative experience without the threat of dying, at the NDE Symposium, April 7 through 9—with free admission April 7—at the Wimberley Community Center.

Feature speakers include Gregg Unterberger, who innovated a process called spiritual activation; and board-certified hypnotherapist Ki Browning. Presentations consist of Induced After-Death Communication (IADC), a tool that has elements of an NDE that catalyzes apparent contact with loved ones that have crossed over. “IADC offers a great opportunity to reconcile our personal and spiritual journey,” Unterberger says. “It’s almost as though we could hardwire our brains to communicate directly with God, having profound life-enhancing spiritual experiences.”

Also featured will be Life between Lives (LBL), a type of hypnotherapy that has been effective in offering individuals a glimpse of what is perceived as heaven. Browning states, “When the client is ready to explore the limitless boundaries of their mind and soul, understanding is offered through an LBL Journey.” Browning helps her clients connect to the wisdom of their divine life purpose with powerful transformational techniques.

Event organizer Matt DeBow is not an experiencer, but he is passionate about getting this message out. He recently released his book Soul Code on the thread between near death and spiritually transformation experiences. “The neardeath experience is the most important spiritual information on the planet… it deserves serious attention, and seems to be the next step in our spiritual evolution.”

Cost: $39-$89 advanced, $109 Sat. and Sun. with meals. Location: 14068 Ranch Rd. 12, Wimberley. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 888-444-8169 or visit