Learn Light Language Through Light Language School of Ascension’s Speaking Activation and Elaboration

By May 13, 2016Local

Light Language Speaking Activation and Elaboration, to take place 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., June 25 and 26, is a two-day soul family gathering event which is considered as Level 1 and 2 training of the Light Language School of Ascension. It is the first and foremost Language of Light holistic school in the world. Speaking the Language of Light can be a catalyst for soul ascension, and it is a major upgrade for the dormant consciousness and can improve the quality of authentic soul.

Speaker Robert Tang will teach participants to speak the Light Language through the activation with Thoth, the Egyptian God and the Galactic beings. Participants in Level 1 will learn the purpose of speaking the Light Language to recall the soul truth, regain faith and trust from the soul level, and to cut the cords from all the sufferings we had been through. Speaking the Language of Light has the ability to communicate with angels, the higher self, Galactic Council, Star Nations and the Creator of God.

Level 2 participants require the pre-requisite of Level 1, or those that already speak the Language of Light. All dialects and levels of Light Language speakers are welcome to join and be able to advance understanding in ascension process. Participants will learn multiple protocols on how to heal their own symptoms, illness and attachments, as well as a heightened state of awareness in a positive collective consciousness level.

The experience of the shift can guide the participants to use the Light Language for advance communications with other dimensional beings from the Galactic center. The underlying purpose of this course will prepare the next level of healing which is to learn Light Language to heal others from the root cause of the issue.

Cost: Early registration by June 11, $550; after June 11, $620; participants can also take just the Speaking Activation on the first day only for $275. For more information or to register, visit LanguageOfLightAndLove.com/single-event/light-languagespeaking-activation-elaboration.