Letter from Publisher – December 2013

By December 1, 2013Local

Dear Santa,

Between your busy schedule and ours, the past year has flown by. Our Natural Awakenings team in Austin is finally catching up with you with some special requests we think you’ll appreciate. We’ve posted the few personal things on out holiday gift list to your Facebook page for your elves’ review. But it’s more important that we ask your kind assistance in sharing idea s for giving to those in urgent need with your vast network of good people everywhere.

It’s been a rough year for many, Santa, due to the effects of Earth’s warming climate. In this season of spiritual light, we’re sobered to think how difficult daily life has suddenly become for millions in our human family. Again, Americans have lost their homes and possessions to flash floods and tornadoes, while others are still recovering from last year’s superstorm. On top of that, unemployment and underemployment are still widespread. Please ask everyone you meet to share their blessings with those valiantly striving to put their lives in order.

Overseas, countless families are suffering in the aftermath of the Philippine typhoon. Plus, we can’t forget those in Haiti and Japan still recovering from life-changing disasters; they may have disappeared from the news cycle but are still very real.

Santa, let everyone know that it’s easy to help. The American Red Cross is accepting $10 text donations to 90999 by texting “redcross”. A direct typhoon aid donation to CARE at Care.org, the Philippine Red Cross or any number of local groups will be effective. GlobalGiving.org is another super source for ending hardship around the world. We do caution kindhearted folks to verify where their donation is going via CharityNavigator.org before sending money, especially to lesserknown organizations, which sometimes tweak the names of legitimate groups.

Because the holidays are rightfully a time of joy, we are sharing our uplifting December issue on Awakening Humanity far and wide. We’ll leave you a few copies of Natural Awakenings next to your organic green juice and flaxseed crackers. Please give a copy to Mrs. Claus; we expect she’ll appreciate reading Eckhart Tolle’s thoughts on “Humanity’s Eternal Quest,” on page 19, a priceless gift to good boys and girls seeking the gift of spiritual awakening.

One final thought. If, while making your rounds around town, you find you’re missing a few presents, please know that you can pick up beautiful people- and planet-friendly items courtesy of local Natural Awakenings advertisers and distributors using our Conscious Giving section. They’ll help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and magical holiday season plus a world of happiness,


Shelly Searle, Publisher