Near Death Experience Symposium Explores Higher Dimensions

By April 6, 2016Local

Moments after an auto accident, Austin resident Edward Salisbury found himself looking down from what felt like a second-story balcony and thought, That looks like my car. He perceived the entire accident scene from a vantage point above the wreck, looking down.

Salisbury will be one of several scheduled presenters at the Austin Near Death Experience Symposium, beginning at 9 a.m., April 30, at the Studio Estates Club House. The daylong event will consist of lectures, panel discussions and first-person accounts from those that have experienced eternal nature and gained knowledge of a higher dimensional existence. The day wraps up with a social mixer at 7 p.m., and attendees can talk to people that had been through a near death experience (NDE). A guided meditation with an open tribal drum/percussion circle will follow.

Many scheduled lecturers are people that have experienced an NDE or are experts in health and wellness professions and working to change perceptions of NDEs. Speakers include Matthew DeBow, author of the book Soul Code; Pat Johnson, who had a NDE while on a kayaking trip and believes messages he received about living are the most important aspect of the NDE; Debbie James, a nursing education instructor working for change of NDE protocols in health care; hypnotist and Reiki master Tianna Roser; and more. Salisbury, DeBow and Johnson of Enlightening Arts are hosting the event.

Cost: Varies; see website for details and discounts. Location: 6880 Goforth Rd., Kyle. For more information, call 888-444-8169 or visit