Qoya Movement Practice Comes to Austin

By August 14, 2013Local

Susan Anderson, who has been teaching hatha yoga full time for more than 10 years, is bringing a new movement practice to Austin called Qoya. Her six-week series of classes, every Tuesday from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m., begins September 3, at Vuka.

“To me, Qoya has become a necessity as a way to infuse my spirit with happiness, by letting the heart guide the body movements to do what feels good, and I am eager to share this amazing practice with others,” says Anderson, who trained with Qoya founder Rochelle Schieck, in Costa Rica.

Propelled by fun and inspiring music, each class involves creating sacred space, setting intentions and performing movements that open and connect participants with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves. A little yoga and dance will also be incorporated into each session. Designed exclusively for women, the main focus of Qoya is to do what feels good and to remember that women are wise, wild and free.

Cost: $10-15 donation per week for six-week series; register or just show up same day at VukaAustin.com. Location: 411 West Monroe, in Austin. For more information, call Susan Anderson at 512-964-4554, email Susansa0912@gmail.com or visit WiseWildFree.com.