Reconnect to Peace and Wellness

By August 16, 2016Local

Dr. Eric Pearl is the founder of Reconnective Healing (RH), a comprehensive option for life progress in overall health, balance, spirituality and wholeness. For over 20 years, Pearl has been traveling the world, serving alongside the global community as an ambassador for this evolutionary movement in health care. From August 19 through 23, he will be at the Palmer Events Center for seminars featuring a two-part training program for RH Levels 1 and 2, which allows participants to discover and explore RH frequencies and even open their own RH practices.

After successful completion of Level 1 and 2, one can qualify for RH For Pets, to be held August 26 through 28. Attendees will dive deeper into our relationships with animals by focusing on animal consciousness and the remarkable benefits of an integrative approach to animal healthcare.

In a study published November 2013 in the journal Evidence- Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, RH was tested alongside reiki, shamanistic healing, and physical therapy on patients with limited range of motion in their shoulder. The results showed that RH was more effective than its counterparts, increasing range of motion by 26 percent, while physical therapy increased by 12 percent, reiki by 20 percent and shamanistic healing reported no improvement in range of motion.

As a chiropractor, Pearl found the ability to connect with energy and use it for healing, leading to the RH technique. His work has taken him to 100 countries and he’s been featured on The Dr. Oz Show and CNN. He’s author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

Cost: Varies; see website for details. Location: 900 Barton Springs Rd., Austin. For more information on scientific studies or to register for a training program, call 323-960-0012 or visit