Susanna Bair Gets to the Heart of the Matter

By March 24, 2015Local

Susanna Bair, published author and recognized mystic of the heart, presents The Heart that Heals: A Workshop on Emotional Intelligence, at 9 a.m., March 28 at St. David’s Episcopal Church. Bair will share methods and practices for heart-centered healing.

The one-day workshop will teach participants basic and advanced meditation using breath, visualization and vocalized sound to energize and heal the heart. Bair will demonstrate energetic methods for resolving four common emotional problems: how to heal a heart of disappointment; how to heal a heart of burnout after a long period of success and accomplishment; how to heal a heart of isolation and loneliness by finding the purpose of one’s life; and how to forgive and be forgiven so one’s heart can grow and feel uplifted.

Workshop participants will also learn long-secret hidden codes within the 11-ring labyrinth and how these codes reveal that the four common emotional challenges are part of every spiritual path. Bair will show how the labyrinth represents the developmental path of life, including the powers and difficulties at each step and why some people can get stuck on a certain step along the path.

Bair has 25 years of experience teaching heartfocused healing and meditation practices. Her books include Living from the Heart, Energize Your Heart and Follow Your Heart. This workshop is intended for those who are interested in learning a heart-centered healing modality, and those in need of healing for themselves or their families.

Location: 301 East 8th St., Austin. For more information, visit