The Power of Compassion at Texas Book Festival

By October 9, 2014Local

Lillian J. Hunter writes and speaks about the power of compassion to transform our personal and professional lives. She will be appearing at the Texas Book Festival at the State Capital Grounds, from 10 a.m. to noon, on October 25, at the Texas Author’s Association booth, to sign copies of her book, What If I Had Taken the Roads Not Traveled, which was awarded first place by the Texas Authors Association in the categories of self-help and women.

Hunter experienced the transforming power of compassion in her own life as a full-time caregiver to a terminally ill husband, single parent to four children, widow, divorcee, stepmother, parent to two adolescents addicted to drugs and alcohol, a victim of domestic violence, a judge and a litigation attorney. She shares the seminal events in her life searching for meaning, fulfillment and peace from the haunting regrets and “what ifs” of her life. She made many mistakes. She has a nagging feeling that she would be happier or more successful if she had made other choices. So she begins a sometimes painful journey down the roads she has traveled in the hope she can exorcise the “what ifs” of her life that rob her of her peace of mind and enjoyment of the present. She humbly offers her experiences, insights and wisdom to others, believing they will be the catalyst for them to make a similar journey. On their journey others will, as Hunter has, find peace and fulfillment and discover the power of compassion to improve and transform their lives, both personally and professionally.

Cost: admission is free; books are $5. For more information, visit