Upcoming Events at Camp Rough Celebrate Music, Family and the Earth

By March 7, 2015Local

Camp Rough, a sustainable-living family learning center that focuses on outdoor adventure, native tradition, music, dance, cooking and more, is hosting a family music festival, a date night sleepover and a children’s spring break camp during the first quarter of 2015.

The Spring Break Camp for kids will run 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, March 16 through 20. Camps integrate play in a natural setting, along with songs, dance, crafts and more.

Still in its first year, Camp Rough is fine tuning the rhythm of life. Founders Brain and Stephanie Roughton announce there are new members to the camp community crew, and work continues on the camp’s land and facilities, including a permaculture garden. Hens on the property have a new rooster, and the horse, Blue Star, is eagerly awaiting a new mare companion.

Dates are to be announced for a summer camp, and Upcoming Events at Camp Rough Celebrate Music, Family and the Earth the calendar will expand to reach adults through workshops covering qigong, permaculture and cooking. “It has become clear that holding space for community regularly in order to stay connected with songs, the Earth and each other is what strengthens and nourishes the whole,” notes Stephanie. “It allows each to go into the world empowered and at peace.”

The couple advises people not to be fooled by the camp’s use of “Rough” in its moniker, as it incorporates Brian’s childhood nickname, Rough. While participants may “rough it” in nature, safety is emphasized and there is access to bug spay, sun block, water bottles and a tipi shelter. Camp Rough was included in the documentary Wild Family, a film featuring ways parents today pursue their passions in the thick of family life.

Cost: Spring Break Camp, $125. Location: FM 1826 at 20 Colony Rd., Austin. For more information, call 708-601-6297, email CampRough@gmail.com or visit CampRough.com.