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April 2013


Community Spotlight – Defending the Rights of Acupuncture Professionals

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by Sandra Yeyati

Born in Taiwan to a big family, Lisa Lin knows firsthand what it’s like to be a middle child. “The big sister you love. The youngest brother you love. But I was in the middle, number five, so I learned to do things for myself,” she says. As a child, she always liked to know what was going on around her and in the world. She watched the news and listened to the radio. She also liked to help people. “If anyone had a problem, I tried to help them, and if I saw anything that was unfair, I always liked to jump in.”

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Finding the Science Behind Bikram Yoga

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by Stacy D. Hunter, Ph.D.

Twenty-six postures, 90 minutes and 105-degree heat and humidity have people flocking into Bikram yoga studios worldwide. This mindbody practice has amassed a following of tens of thousands, with more than 300 studios operating in the U.S. and hundreds more spanning six continents.

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Letter from the Publisher ~ April 2013

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“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Spring’s annual orchestra of nature’s magnificent creatures pulls at my heartstrings and prompts me to seek anew great outdoor adventures. Throughout the ages, mystics, philosophers, poets, scientists and Native Americans have been among those believing that all of the answers to life’s questions can be found in nature.

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