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October 2013

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Chinese Medicine for Stress Relief

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Our bodies are hardwired to handle stress, but over time, too much stress takes its toll. When we feel threatened, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, causing the heart rate to increase, pupils to dilate and blood to be directed towards the extremities. Digestion can temporarily shut down. Cortisol, sometimes called “the stress hormone,” is released, causing increases in both blood pressure and inflammation, while suppressing the immune system. If our bodies continue to experience high amounts of cortisol, symptoms can evolve into anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive issues and tension headaches.

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Transforming Lives with Chakra Healing

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by Lisa Powell-Watts

In the past 10 to 15 years, several new modes of healing have come into being that are effective, thorough and very powerful. Part of this trend is consumer-driven. People are requesting that a mode of healing not only be effective, but also be long-lasting, address their spirituality and get to the core wound.

Chakra Healing is one such modality. Developed by Dr. Brenda Davies, British author, psychiatrist and spiritual healer, Chakra Healing has been found to be helpful in addressing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues.

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Community Spotlight – Curbing Critters without Chemicals

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by Sandra Yeyati

When Rick Hansen graduated from college in 1974, he took a parttime job as a pest control technician— they called them “exterminators” back then. Within six months, he found himself in the basement of a furniture store with hundreds of rats. “There were no lights. You could see them in the flashlight. They didn’t chase me, but I got creepy crawly with them,” Hansen says.

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