New Thought Forum Offers Fresh Ideas and Ageless Wisdom

By July 11, 2017Local

Personal development, holistic living, science-spirit convergence, spiritual growth—these are all fascinating topics that have the power to transform our lives in amazing ways. The New Thought Forum is an exciting two-day event on August 7 and 8 at ACL Live at the Moody Theater, where people can come together with others to learn what the leading experts in personal development are doing right now that’s creating lasting peace, happiness and abundance.

For those ready to connect with like-minded souls and explore the infinite power within to make dreams a reality, they can explore an incredible lineup of 30 dynamic thought leaders from around the world that will share their fresh ideas, timeless truths and phenomenal wisdom to energize our inner transformative power. Attendees will leave with a renewed sense of what they can achieve when they tap into hidden talents and unlock their full potential.

New Thought Forum is for professionals that want to be part of something bigger and more meaningful. It’s also for creative individuals seeking inspiration and fresh ways to connect with others. For entrepreneurs, it’s an opportunity to reach new customers, as well as a fantastic networking opportunity.

The New Thought Forum marketplace allows participants to mix and mastermind with like-minded people, make connections, forge friends and build one’s business network. It’s truly a unique two-day conference that will transform individuals, communities and the world via the live event and a live stream. With a mission to have fun and transform lives, New Thought Forum strives to create a community empowered to uplift each other and the world.

Cost: $1,199 (through July 21). Location: 310 Willie Nelson Blvd., Austin. For more information, visit